Two pop culture addicts' snarky musings…

Hello all! Welcome to our humble abode. My PIC (Role Models…check it out!) Sarah will be introducing herself a little later, but for now I feel compelled to let you meander through my brain before you take the less dangerous path through our blog.

I love love love (did I say LOVE?) all things pop culture. I watch a ridiculous number of television programs of all different types; I have spent a great deal of my life watching movies, probably more than I have spent doing any other activity; I majored in literature in college and continue to read read read, with an addiction to both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Meg Cabot–though I’m fond of just walking into Barnes and Noble and wandering through all the sections for fresh material; I love art from a purely emotional perspective, mostly because I have no technical expertise on the subject, tending toward impressionists like Van Gogh and sensationalists like Warhol; I am a HUGE music buff with everything from Josh Groban and Linkin Park to Dolly Parton and Britney Spears on my iPod.

I geek out at a moments notice about everything from ‘ships (that’s relationships for those of you who are not involved in the blissful geekdom known as Fan Fiction) to cinematography and youtube fanvids. Because I have spread my interests so thin, my excitement in starting this blog is palpable as I will finally have an outlet for the marathon of opinions that swim around my head after each healthy helping of pop culture.

I hope you enjoy reading through our posts, so much so that you are compelled to opine (I will never again get to use that word in context so humor me) back. Agree with us, disagree with us, start a new topic, just write something! Think of this as EJA – Entertainment Junkies Anonymous. On that note, thanks for reading through my first entry and I hope you enjoy the site.



Comments on: "And so it begins…" (1)

  1. Stumbled on your blog post via bing the other day and absolutely think its great. Carry on this fantastic work.

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