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I’ll admit, the first few episodes of Glee’s second season have been mediocre at best, exaggerated and ill-conceived at worst (laughing gas induced Britney Spears hallucinations anyone?). However, if tonight’s episode and the upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode are any indication, the show may finally be getting back to the music.

Tangled in a web of contrived teenage drama, the show seemed to have forgotten the road to nationals, leading many concerned fans to wonder what Ryan Murphy’s vision for this season is. Other than his quite obvious love for Lea Michele (a love that a good majority of the fan base doesn’t share), the first few episodes lacked a direction. However, with last nights duets theme, they seem to be wandering toward a purpose.

Here are a few things last night’s show offered up that bring a glimmer of hope for the rest of the season:

**While I was mad that Finn was such a jackass to Kurt about the new kid, I got to thinking about it and I actually enjoy the idea that the gay/straight issue on this show is not a black and white one.  Though we find ourselves rooting for the gay character, in this case, Kurt, as the underdog, it’s nice to see Kurt being treated also as a human being rather than a martyr. He’s not perfect and he can make mistakes, not because he is gay or straight but because he’s human – which is the most important message of all.

**Sam is a delightful edition to New Directions with the talent and adorability to

Chord Overstreet, Glee’s new character, Sam

counteract the ridiculousness of Santana and Brittney. He also speaks Na’vi, which is awesome on a whole ‘nother geeky level. I’m glad to see him sticking around, and while I was hoping for him to be Kurt’s boyfriend, I like his instant spark with Quinn. Here’s hoping Ryan doesn’t let Rachel’s overwhelming presence stifle a better storyline.

**Rachel has her moments where she remembers she is not a broadway machine, but an actual human being, which makes her a hundred times more likable and more interesting to boot. Her reaching out to Kurt was a brilliant bit of character writing and certainly unexpected.

Now, here are a couple of things still hanging out in limbo:

**What was that nonsense with Santana and Brittney at the beginning of the episode? I’m all about shock value, but it was so random and out of place. If they had any redeeming qualities what so ever, it might not be so random, but for right now, ew…

**I’m not adding fuel to the Mark Salling rumor mill because until we know the real story, there’s no need to. I’ll just say, it’s not the same without him and he needs to come back.

**The adults seem to have wandered away from their posts. Sue popping her head in for a snarky comment or two and Mr. Shue acting all teacher like for two seconds does not a storyline make. Will, Sue, Emma and Teri all need to have real storylines not involving their teenage cohorts.

Here’s hoping Rocky Horror delivers. You can preview the track list on iTunes. I’ll leave you with a preview. Have you brushed up on your Timewarp? 

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