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VMAs 2010 – Or how MTV got her groove back for exactly one evening

Leave it to Chelsea Handler, brilliant woman that she is, to find and maintain the funny at the VMAs this year. As the first woman to ever host in its 16 year history, she called MTV out on the farce that the VMAs are and then MTV managed to put on a pretty good show. Shall we hit the highlights?

*Eminem is still a badass, no matter what anyone says. And though I don’t understand the outfit, I love that Rihanna came out and killed it.

*No one is laughing, Lindsey. Too soon, dumbass. Too soon.

*Still laughing at “the big black elephant in the room.” Oh, Chelsea.

Love or hate the new Jared 'do?

*I love that 30 seconds to Mars won best rock video. What I dont’ love is that terrible new blond ‘do Jared was rockin’. I miss the shag, dude.

*Your love for Justin Beiber isn’t just creepy in the eyes of the law, Kim.

*And then little Justin proved boys can lip sync too.

*Yep, definitely don’t get the whole Usher thing anymore…

*Like most Taylor Swift songs, I’m sure I’ll get this one late, but right now I don’t understand…

*Is it just me or is Justin Timberlake aging backwards?And white again…

*I just heard this song Airplanes the other day for the first time and I LOVE it. It’s such an ear worm and I just don’t care.

*Raise your hand if you are surprised Justin Beiber won Best New Artist. Bueller? Beuller?

*The verdict is still out on the new Linkin Park song for me, but the performance was pretty bad ass.

*Still love me some Cher. Vintage or otherwise…

*Oh Kanye, why won’t you go away? Not even if we ask nicely?

All right, that’s pretty much everything.  I’ll go back to hating MTV tomorrow for bringing Snooki and Speidi into this world, but for now, I’m kind of okay with them being ironically named.


How about a little musical interlude…

What happens when you combine a computer-less week with a needy Shih Tzu and a busy week at work? Answer – A severely neglected blog and an irritated blogger. The fact that it’s perfect weather outside complete with Autumn like breeze and sunshine is so not helping. Still, I made a commitment, and my PIC Sarah is living it up in Cincinnati with a big ol’ helping of Skyline Chili, so here I am…and you know what this week could use more than anything? A better soundtrack.

Here are a few of my current addictions in no particular order:

This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars

1. This is War30 Seconds to Mars: Aside from any excuse to see Jared Leto in eyeliner, this new record is stellar. I find a new favorite song everyday. Right now, that song is “Hurricane”, an interesting blend rock with a little Kanye West mixed in for good measure. You can also check out the first single “Kings and Queens” which the band used thousands of voices recorded around the world to create the chorus at the end of the song. And Elijah Wood can suck it…

Hurricane Featuring Kanye West

2. 70s classic rock – Not sure if it’s just the mood my iPod is in or if it’s the nonstop weeks of Supernatural watching, but I can’t seem to get enough Classic Rock this week. Check out Styx’s “Renegade” and Kansas’ “Carry on My Wayward Son” for a taste of the good stuff.

Gratuitous Supernatural plug with “Carry on My Wayward Son”

3.  The onslaught of new country bands in the past couple of weeks has actually brought some potentially interesting prospects. I have listened to The Band Perry’s single “If I Die Young” approximately 873 times over the past week and I still can’t get enough. And though I pushed pretty hard for JB Rocket I will concede to Naomi Judd and Big Kenny as to the genius of Steel Magnolia. Their new single “Just By Being You (Halo and Wings)” is epic. And then there’s Jaron and whatever the unnecessary end of his name is since it isn’t a band name and it’s not an album title. “Pray for You” is quirky and fun, but the rest of the album isn’t half bad either.

“If I Die Young” Official Music Video

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