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Week in Review: 11/28/2010

Since this is my last chance to do a review for November I figured I should actually, you know, write a weekly review. I would like to start with a preemptive apology for any lack of coherency as I am falling asleep at my keyboard. Decorating for the holidays takes a lot out of a person.

Two things of consequence happened on “Hawaii Five-0” Monday night. First, we finally met the oft-discussed Rachel. Given that I’m a spoiler whore I was not surprised by her British accent. I was, however, amazed that I actually didn’t hate her that much. Well, at least once she started helping Danny out instead of pushing his buttons. It was a great insight into his character to see that the woman he loved had left him, essentially for a guy with more money. It was something that was hinted at but never outright stated and was all but said in last week’s episode. Scott Caan gave a great performance and I hope we get to see Claire van der Boom again.

The second thing? It was a passing comment, really. Steve was pulling a MacGyver and dusting for prints using vaccum dirt and a pillow feather. As he’s pulling the cleaning apparatus out, Danno says “There’s a cleaning crew to do that, babe” followed by a strange sound. That sound was the collective squeal of the slash fans before they promptly passed out from the overwhelming canon to support their favorite pairing. Seriously, the show is giving “Merlin” a run for its money in the not-so-sub text between their lead male characters.

Just when I thought “Glee” couldn’t top its past two episodes and I was losing faith in Ryan Murphy’s ability to write anything other than a tribute episode, out comes “Furt.” Everything from Finn getting over his lingering homophobia to Burt learning to dance and the looming dread of a Finn/Santana/Rachel blowout was perfect. The entire cast brought their A-game and I actually cried when Finn and Kurt danced together at their parents’ wedding as their friends sang and danced around them. Here, see for yourself and try not to cry:

This was everything an episode of “Glee” is supposed to be and I really hope they continue on this path (given what I’ve seen of next week’s episode, it looks highly likely).

Both “The Vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural” were repeats last week, so this gives me ample time to discuss the latest episode of “Merlin.” To be completely honest, I haven’t been impressed so far with the show’s third season. The best parts were mainly the introduction of new characters (namely, Gawaine) and a few epic moments of magic here and there. But “The Coming of Arthur” was the most intense, exciting and best episode of the season so far, for so many reasons. First, and perhaps most importantly, there wa actually a scene hwere Katie McGrath acted evil without smirking. I know, I was just as shocked as you! The scene where Morgana basically gives Gwen the choice of dying by going against her or living by staying by her side was chilling and pefectly played by both actresses. Perhaps even more chilling was the scene when Gawaine, Merlin and Arthur returned to Camelot after Morgause succeed in creating an immortal army and setting it on the city. Seeing these three men walk through the streets that two of them once called home, now strewn with bodies, was heartbreaking and none of them had to say a word. Basically I spent the entire episode on the edge of my seat and for the first time in a while I simply cannot wait for next week.

Review: Hawaii Five-Oh Hell Yeah!

Oh, furrowed Mick St. James brow, how I have missed you! Alex O’loughlin and Scott Caan put in a great performance in last nights series premiere of the revamped “Hawaii-Five-0”.

The case of the new Hawaii Five-0

Let’s start with the genius that is the cast of this show. First, you have Alex O’Loughlin as Det. Steve McGarrett, the delightfully dickish Navy SEAL who likes to throw his connections and his ego around to get what he wants…but he does it in such a charming way you can’t help but love him anyway. Then you have his new partner, Det. Danny Williams played by Scott Caan, who has found himself stuck in a tropical paradise in a happy hotel with a broken marriage and an adorable little girl. He plays by the rules and sticks to protocol like stripes on a zebra. The two have a crazy odd couple sort of chemistry that will carry this show into ratings gold. Through in the gorgeous surfer girl and the quirky old friend and you have the best Scooby gang EVER.And that’s a pretty timely reference considering James Marsters played the baddie in the pilot – a baddie I’m thinking is going to keep on coming back. Also loving Jean Smart as the governor. You really can’t go wrong casting that woman in anything.

Now allow me to rave about the action sequences because holy crap. If they keep this up, it’s going to be like watching an action movie every week and I’m totally down with that. If you haven’t seen it yet, pay particular attention to the sequence where Danny gets shot and prepare to have your mind blown.

Having never watched the original, I am looking at this as a completely fresh show without the context of legacy. All I know is the world has more than enough procedural cop shows. I just hope this one stays away from that pigeon hole of doom. Until next week, let’s just leave it at this show ROCKS and I can’t wait for more.

Check out next week’s promo:

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