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Anybody for live blogging the AMAs? Bueller? Bueller?

A little live commentary never hurt anyone and since our blog has been so sorely neglected this week, let’s kick off Thanksgiving with the American Music Awards. (Which I’m totally only watching because of NKOTBSB)

8:00 pm **What the hell is Rihanna wearing and what are the weird jellyfish tentacles on stage with her?

8:05 pm **Is this the Rihanna show?

8:09 pm **So over Usher…I’m sorry, Alicia.

8:16 pm **Why the Black Eyed Peas?

8:19 pm **Yeah, Enrique, everyone knows you’re not really singing, marching band or not…

8:23 pm **And then they don’t have Miley lipsync? WTH?

8:31 pm **Who are you? Oh, wait, it’s Diddy.

8:35 pm **Love Taylor’s new hair!

8:42 pm **I’m so bored…where’s my old school kid rock?

8:48 pm **Wait, what? The time of your life? I will say this for the BEP, no matter how obnoxious the song, if you mute the tv, the performances are always badass.

8:58 pm **Cutest kids ever!

9:00 pm **Who dressed these people tonight?

9:04 pm **Oh, Justin, the piano isn’t fooling anyone…

9:07 pm **I don’t get all the slow, inspirational songs. This is an awards show, not a church.

9:14 pm **Lovin’ the year of the Brad Paisley!

9:16 pm **Every award show should have a Bon Jovi medley.

9:30 pm **Justin Beiber, 30,000 people is a suburb, not podunk, nowhereville.

9:32 pm **Pink is a goddess and can do no wrong. I’ll even forgive the weird MC Hammer outfit because it’s Pink.

9:47 pm **Taylor, again with the morose music. You should be bringing the house down.

9:52 pm **That shrieking you hear in the background is Usher yelling at himself for ever discovering Justin Beiber.

10:04 pm **Let’s hear it for Lady A!

10:10 pm **What’s with all the backup dancers and the 80s graffiti look?

10:15 pm **If only all artist’s would thank Darwin…

10:17 pm **Yay, Pat Monahan and his sparkly pants of awesomeness! Train is love.

10:25 pm **We love when you win things too, Michael Buble.

10:37 pm **Despite that he looks like he just rolled out of bed, Gavin Rosdale looks the most normal of any performer tonight.

10:43 pm **Usher’s on tour with Neo? That’s a show I’d pay to see, and I mean that in a non-sarcastic way.

10:53 pm **Backstreet’s Back, All right!

10:58 pm **NKOTBSB makes my life.

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