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‘Bridalplasty’: a foray into a new level of trash television

As Mel said, it’s November and therefore National Novel Writing Month and we both convinced ourselves it would be a good thing to participate. Thus the reason it’s been so quiet around here. Plus, I have spent the past week growing exponentially more excited for this week’s episode of “Glee,” which looks to be the most epic, heartbreaking, poignant and just plain awesome episode in the history of televsion. So, until said episode airs, I leave you with a less awesome subject. A rant, plain and simple, about the new show on E! called “Bridalplasty.”

This new E! reality show will pit a group of brides-to-be against one another for not only the ultimate prize of a celebrity-esque wedding, but for the celebrity-esque plastic surgery to go alone with it.

You read that right. On a network that has aired multiple segments on the horrors of plastic surgery, the first American reality show to ever reward its contestants with the face-altering procedure is soon to air. This isn’t the first contestant-based show featuring plastic surgery, however. Anyone remember “The Swan” back in 2004? Exactly, me either. But according to IMDB, it happened. And the difference between that show and this? “The Swan” focused on all aspects of the contestant’s lives while “Bridalplasty” is purely superficial.

When I saw the promo for the bridal show (set to air November 28) I literally sat staring at my television in shock. As far as reality television goes, our society has pretty much opened the doors to anything. I mean, “The Jersey Shore” is a hit show, its “characters” instant hits and when you say the name “Snooki,” everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about. And for what? Acting like drunken idiots who hook up with anything that has a pulse? And now, with this disaster of a reality show set to air, the question begs to be asked: what has American television turned into?

Our entertainment industry is based less on talent and more on physical appearance. Don’t give me that look, you know it’s true. Yes, talent is revered and respected but you don’t see an hour-long segment before awards shows on the performances given by the nominated actors, do you? There aren’t countdowns of the “100 Most-Talented,” airing on the entertainment channels. No, there’s “100 Hottest Beach Bodies” and “25 Hottest Under 25.” Given the pressure to look like the airbrushed male and female models on television and in magazines, it’s no wonder reality television has jumped onto this ship.

Television and movies are our escape from a world mired with economic downfalls, political apocalypse and a war that refuses to end. But what kind of escape is it that merely makes us feel worse about ourselves? What kind of break from the everyday is it if the hour ends and all we can think of is how far we are from achieving the “perfection” offered under the knife? How far off are movies like “Time” and “Repo! The Genetic Opera” from becoming reality. How far are we going to let our obsession for “perfection” destroy us?

The easy answer is to pull the plug on “Bridalplasty” before it reaches the airwaves and to our children, poisoning their minds with low self-worth and before it reaches my generation,  forcing them to believe until they look like Heidi Montag, they will never be beautiful. But  that won’t happen. The networks feed on this sort of trash and the ratings they know it will draw. They see dollar signs where they should see morals and the saddest part is we’ve given them no reason to believe otherwise. Just because you may say you abhor the behavior of the adults on TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras”  doesn’t mean you won’t tune it to see what insanity happens next.

So I urge all of you to stop feeding the beast. Find quality programming, I know it exists, and let the ratings crash on all the “entertainment” that is ruining the industry. Purge television of “The Situation” and the “Jackass” crew. Prove that Americans aren’t mindless and will watch anything if you spin it just right and show the powers that be we have integrity and we demand quality in what filters into our living rooms each night. We can stop the cycle and end the rising statistics in low self-esteem in the younger generation, but we have to take a stand and change the channel.

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