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Liveblogging the Golden Globes

First, I have to apologize for the lack of posts on here, I give the usual excuses of real life and holidays. Second, I apologize in advance for my lack of liveblogging abilities. I’m going to attempt to liveblog the Golden Globes while Mel handles the tweets but I think the last liveblogging I did was the Emmys, so we’ll see how this goes. Three minutes until the Globes start so wish me (and the nominees) luck and enjoy the show!

8:01 – I would really love to have an entertainment-industry event without the mention of Charlie Sheen. Apparently, so would the Golden Globe attendees. Ricky Gervais is falling flat. Ouch.

8:04 – Dear Ricky Gervais, if you see torches and pitchforks after the show, I’m pretty sure it was well-deserved. Also, run.

8:06 – I was not expecting Christian Bale to win, but that’s exciting. To quote Mel: “Holy hair!” I also wish I could understand a word of what he is saying. I think that epic mustache is getting in the way and alcohol might be involved.

8:09 – First award of the evening and we’re already sending them out with music and completely cutting sound. This is going to go well.

8:10 – Katey Sagal looks great and I know Mel is very excited for her win!

8:16 – I remember the Miss Golden Globes from an episode of “Criminal Minds“! She was amazing and she looks gorgeous. I am curious if all the sound-cutting is because of language or if they’re having sound problems. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the evening.

8:22 – Somehow I missed that “Red” was nominated tonight. I’m sad I didn’t get to see it in theaters but it still looks awesome.

8:23 – Yay Chris Colfer! He looks so stunned and adorable. I predict crying in his acceptance speech. Aw, Lea Michele is crying for him! I love this cast.

8:31 – Apparently the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press doesn’t appreciate Ricky Gervais’ brand of humor.

8:33 – Kevin Bacon is going to be in the new X-Men movie? How did I miss that news?

8:34 – What I love about these awards shows is they give me new things to put on my Netflix. So far: “The Pillars of the Earth” and “Boardwalk Empire.” Congrats Steve Buscemi!

8:37 – Apparently my decision to put “Boardwalk Empire” on Netflix was a good one.

8:43 – I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on Facebook who actually hasn’t seen “The Social Network.” Poor Andrew Garfield. Inspiringly isn’t not an easy word to type or say. And according to spell check, isn’t actually a word at all.

8:43 – “Bound to You” is a gorgeous song. I really hope it wins, though it is up against Alan Menken. “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” is a pretty song too and Cher did an amazing job with it, so well done “Burlesque”!

Side note: I am really looking forward to “Harry’s Law.” I’m really sad it’s on at the same time as “Hawaii Five-0.”

8:55 – That haircut makes Justin Beiber look about nine…so, his actual age then.

8:57 – Though I did not see “Toy Story 3”, the first “Toy Story” will always be a part of my childhood.

9:01 – This is why Robert Downey Jr. is awesome.

9:02 – More important than Annette Bening winning, I actually picked a winner! This makes me very happy, even though I would have loved Emma Stone to win for “Easy A.” I’m not a fan of Emma’s blonde hair, though. I love that Annette is thanking actors as though they were actually the characters.

9:12 – Tilda Swinton, that is a very ill-advised ensemble. For some reason when I was predicting my winners, I chose Dennis Quaid over Al Pacino. That was clearly very stupid.

9:15 – I love how much Temple Grandin and Claire Danes love each other. It’s very sweet. I am also digging Claire’s dress, though it’s a bit bright.

9:23 – It’s a little random to have Zac Efron introduce “The Kids Are All Right.” I’m just saying.

9:26 – Aaron Sorkin wins for Best Screenplay for “The Social Network” and I am awaiting the Oscars so I can do better with my winning predictions. I kill with the costume and makeup categories.

9:30 – Jane Lynch wins for “Glee”! Kind of obvious, but well-deserved. Now we will again be subjected to Ed O’Neill’s complaints on how Sofia Vergara should have won.  Awesome.

9:36 – Ricky Gervais may be a crap host, but he speaks the truth. Sadly no one in America really pays attention to the foreign films.

9:41 – I wanted Laura Linney to win but I never expected she would!  That’s very exciting.

9:46 – Jane Fonda what are you wearing? And that was a very random clip to show for “Burlesque.”

9:49 – Jim Parsons looked like he was stuck in a corner somewhere, so I was pretty sure he was going to win.

9:51 – Melissa Leo wins for “The Fighter” and is adorable. Who wouldn’t freak out if they were kissed by Jeremy Irons?

10:00 – Oh Matt Damon, you’re so cute. I didn’t know he worked on a movie with Robert Di Nero, so I was confused as to why he was presenting it.

10:14 – We’re coming to the point where all the big awards are given out! It probably shouldn’t take another 45 minutes, but it will. And usually the Best Director (in this case, David Fincher for “The Social Network”) wins, said movie will also win. As I have yet to see this movie, I’m not sure how I feel about that.

10:18 – Yay “Glee”! Again, not unexpected but very well-deserved. This show has done more for society than I think even it realizes. I love that even the newer cast (Darren Criss, Max Adler, Dot Jones, etc) are there too.

10:25 – What does it say about Johnny Depp that he was up against himself and he still didn’t win?

10:32 – I find it interesting that we have seen very little of our host all evening. I think the bigwigs are not happy with him.

10:34 – From everything I’ve heard, Natalie Portman’s win is well-deserved. I love her so I’m very happy she won!

10:39 – I expected “The Kids Are All Right” to win.

10:46 – Sandra, I am so not a fan of that dress. Or your Cher hair. And surprisingly Colin Firth wins! I thought given all the wins with “Social Network” that Jesse Eisenberg was a shoe-in. But awards shows do love their period dramas.

10:54 – I love moments like this, the entire room giving Michale Douglas a standing ovation. It gives you the feeling that this is actually a community.

10:55- And the final winner of the night? “The Social Network.”

And there you have it, the 2011 Golden Globes! It was an awkward night, to say the least, and I am looking forward to seeing what all the tabloids say about it tomorrow! So? What did you think?

Fall Movie Guide 2010

It’s that wonderful time of year again where the movie studios decide they should release a zillion good movies at once, forcing us to go broke trying to keep up. Since television has hit a lull, I thought I’d mix it up a bit and do a movie preview and hit the highlights of the films on the horizon.

Megamind staring Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell

Megamind – Release November 5th
***Dreamworks latest movie franchise, Megamind, sits ready to join the ranks of their other hugely successful animated flicks How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek. With a cast led by Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt, Megamind is an age old tale of superhero verses villain, but with a twist that finds the evil genius Megamind having to use his powers for good. Look for it to match Dragons in popularity and if nothing else, check it out because it’s the only time you’re going to get Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt in the same movie.

Due Date – Release November 5
***Continuing his streak of successful films, Robert Downey Jr returns to the screen in this comedy co-starring Zach Galifianakis, where a father-to-be RDJ has to hitch a ride with the crazy that is ZG in order to make the birth of his child. Expect The Hangover type hi jinx to ensue and if nothing else, it’s ZG and RDJ in the same movie.

Unstoppable- November 12
In Tony Scott’s latest action thriller, Chris Pine and Denzel Washington have to work together to stop an unmanned train from wiping out a city. Sounds riveting…Though the description is less than engaging, the actors are solid and it takes a lot for a Denzel Washington movie to suck so I have faith that it will make for a decent action thriller.

Morning Glory – Release November 10
An all star cast backed by a random production team including J. J. Abrams puts this romantic dramedy in a bizarre place of fascination and fear. It’s been a while since Diane Keaton’s had a hit, sure, but her previous showing with Rachel McAdams proved fruitful and Harrison Ford adds an interesting twist to the cast. Plus, Patrick Wilson, who is delicious. See it if you’re in the mood, but it sounds like one to rent next year.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I – Release November 19

Harry Potter 7 parts I and II

***Excuse me while I do the Harry Potter geek dance of happiness…ok, I’m good. In the penultimate installment in this masterful series, Harry and his Scooby Gang (because let’s face it, HP is epic, but at heart it’s one long episode of Scooby Doo), begin taking their final steps toward a knock down drag out fight with Voldemort. At this point, I don’t even know what to think anymore. It seems to be an every other franchise so this one will suck and the next one will be good? Who knows – see it anyway.

Burlesque – Release Date: November 24
Cher and Christina Aguilera. That is all.

The Tourist – Release Date December 10
So it really doesn’t sound all that different from Angelina Jolie’s last few movies, but it does have the distinction of having both Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany in it. In other words, if it sucks, it’s all her fault.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader– Release date: December 10
The third installment in the Narnia film series follows the youngest of the Pevensie siblings on their journey across the sea with Prince Caspian. The first two movies showed a lot of promise and I would expect this one to carry on that success. Plus, Ben Barnes is back as Prince Caspian, so yum.

Tron: Legacy-Release date December 17
***Garrett Hedlund, my beloved Patroclus from Troy, plays the lead in this video game based action movie. Tron was before my time so I don’t know much about it, but the cinematography and action sequences look amazing, so I would expecta strong visual effects showing if nothing else.

Yogi Bear – Release date: December 17
Dan Aykroyd as Yogi, Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo. ‘Nough said.

We’ll leave everything Christmas and beyond for another time since that seems to be quite the treasure trove/snake pit. Anyone have any they think should be added?

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