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“True Blood” is so not true!

Season 3 Cast

The Season 3 Cast of True Blood.

Oh my God, Alan Ball, are you basing this series on the same books I read? I think not. The fae do not believe that vampires wiped them out and Claudine lives life like a human, not Tinkerbell. And Russell Edgington wasn’t so sadistic and eventually becomes pretty low key later on. I don’t recall Eric locking Sookie up in his creepy dungeon either. The longer I watch this show, the more it pisses me off. If it weren’t for my love of Kristin Bauer and Alexander Skarsgård, I would have stopped watching after the first two episodes of this season.

Frickin’ Bill. I may not like Bill Compton, but at least in the books he’s less of a big whiny baby. And who is this horny tool of a brother they have of Sam’s? I love Sam Trammell and he does all he can to keep Sam afloat on the show, but his story lines are making less and less sense. What’s with all the crazy flashbacks? And don’t get me started on Crystal and the were-panthers. And where the hell did the werewolves go all of the sudden?

Let’s talk about what he’s doing right for a second. Keeping Lafayette alive, check. Jason being a well developed character with depth, check (How awesome was it when Jason uninvited Bill? Ah-mazing!). Tara being a more active character, check. Developing the Pam and Eric relationship, check. That’s not a very lengthy tally, now is it?

Charlaine Harris is a genius who spoon fed you brilliant plot points already, Mr. Ball. USE THEM! Make minor changes here and there, sure, but alter entire lines of mythology to suit your purpose? Uh, no, so not ok. Please stop. I appreciate the irony of a vampire show making my blood pressure rise, but the only hypertension I’m okay with is the kind caused by naked Alexander Skarsgård. Just stick with the books and all will be well.

Sigh…I’m sure I’ll be back next week to rinse and repeat. In the mean time, buy the books and tell me you don’t agree.

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