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Week in Review…Early Again – 9/18/2010

Dean Winchester

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So I may or may not be leaving the state for a much needed mini-vacay, but I didn’t want to leave the blog hanging, so the review is a day early again this week.

*I am definitely going to need an iTunes budget with all the upcoming new music, plus Glee. For those of you who missed it, iTunes posted all the Glee Season 1 tracks on their service, including some that were previously unavailable like Accafella’s riveting version of “I Want to Sex You Up.”

*I made the best discovery ever this week. Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural for those of you playing the home game) can totally sing. Simply because I can, enjoy his cover of The Band’s “The Weight” below.

*While I’m not sure One Tree Hill came back with a bang, it certainly came back with a bite. Given that this season picks up right after the finale last season, it seems awfully miraculous that every female character has a completely different hair color. The Clay/Quinn thing was completely contrived and predictable, yet still managed to make me yell at my TV when Nathan walked away from the house. Favorite line of the night came from Julian when he told Brooke’s mom to “Get Alexander’s dingo out of your wallaby and fix this!”

*I can already see Life Unexpected is going to frustrate me this season since we now know that Ryan has a dirty little secret named Julia tucked away in his past. And once again, Baze gets screwed…granted if he would start thinking with his brain instead of his libido, he may also get to win occasionally.

*The Vampire Diaries is still amazing. The writers are showing no mercy this season to any character. I enjoyed the scene between Damon and Jeremy and hope that they explore that dynamic as the season goes on. I am also loving Caroline the vampire. Not that we need more Stefan’s in the world, but I don’t want Matt to get his heart broken again.

*While I’m not sure how riveted I am by Nikita herself, I am completely fascinated by Lindsey Fonseca’s character, Alex. Hopefully, they’ll keep pushing her out there more. And for the record, I disagree with the critics’ assessment of Shane West’s performance as stiff. I think he’s just warming up.

All right, I’m outtie. Everyone go see The Easy A and watch Ghost Adventures tonight. They’re in Gettysburg so it should be interesting.



Check out Tyler Hilton’s awesome cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” to jump start your weekend 🙂

Review: Holy Crap, I liked Nikita

Nikita star Maggie Q

Ok, confession time, I only watched Nikita last night for Shane West. For shame, I know, but it’s the truth. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the pace and presentation of the show.

Nikita is the typical action storyline of a woman scorned. It’s Desperado with cell phones at its core. Similar in feel and in setup to Dollhouse, Nikita was pulled from a prison sentence by a secret government agency aptly named The Division to be a spy/hit man. When she up and falls for a civilian (to make Sarah happy, I’ll point out that Pyro from X-Men plays said civilian), they kill her lover and leave her a woman scorned…a very well trained, armed and dangerous woman scorned.

Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex

While the show centers around Nikita, the actual focus of the show isn’t so much on her person as her effect on the other characters on the show. Putting in an impressive primetime showing, ex-daytime TV star Lyndsy Fonseca plays Alex, a former Ukranian indentured servant who gets pulled out of prison and placed into a training camp with others like her…all attractive twenty somethings of course. Also, for those of you who might be fans of CSI’s Lady Heather, Melinda Clarke puts in a subtle but brilliant performance as the Etiquette teacher for The Division, showing all of the girls how to use every inch of their feminine wiles to complete their missions.

Shane West as Michael

My beloved Shane West turns out to be more complicated and considerably more interesting than we are at first led to believe toward the end of the episode. His character, Michael, is essentially a mission coordinator and recruiter for Division. Though he comes off as cold and calculating in the beginning, we soon find he has a surprising connection to Nikita that should make for interesting story telling in the weeks to come.

The show does dip into the predictable in a few rather obnoxious ways, like the clichéd and gratuitous shots of Nikita roaming around her secret hideout in her underwear and the need for all the spies to dress like Neo. The fact that Nikita is the least interesting character thus far could also be problematic considering the show is supposed to be about her. Hopefully, we will see a greater expression of her personality in the coming weeks.

Overall verdict: A promising start that will require further review. It’s hard to tell where their headed, but they’re off to a great start wherever they may be going from here. If nothing else, it’s nice to see a female dominated action show back on network TV.

Nikita airs Thursday nights at 9 pm EST on The CW.

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