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American Idol has Zest Again…and His Name is Steven Tyler

American Idol Judges 2011

So if you’re like me, you had this nagging dread in the pit of your stomach at the thought of Idol’s change of guard. After all, Ellen should have been a good idea, but in practice she was too…normal. After the crazy Paula provided for so longer, no one expected Ellen to take her job so seriously. Of course, she was delightful and funny, but also straightforward and honest. So what could J-lo and Steven Tyler have to fill that massive void left by Simon and Paula?

Apparently, we don’t actually need someone to fill the void because Mr. Tyler and Ms. Lopez have carved their own place well outside the shadow of Paula and Simon. Despite the parade of fawning young girls eager to profess their lifelong (all 16 years) love for J-Lo, it was Steven Tyler who stole the show. I don’t know what I expected, but the chill, charming intelligence that oozed from his overly large lovable lips was a pleasant surprise. Despite being a dirty old man and ogling all of the teenage jail bait that walked through the door to butcher Mariah Carey, his feedback struck a chord (pun intended) with all the hopefuls by way of  biting honesty without being cruel. Plus, he sings along with everything and it cracks me up hardcore.

I have to be honest and admit that I can kind of take or leave Jennifer Lopez. I LOVE Selena and I could watch An Unfinished Life everyday of my life, but she’s not the best singer or the most stellar actress…she’s just eh. I was the most worried about her in this dynamic, but my worry has been for naught. Dare I say she is adorable and friendly without being overly medicated and ditsy. She gets my stamp of approval.

My favorite thing about the new season of Idol? No bickering and no obnoxious excesses of attention whores vying for their five minutes. Sure, there are still a fair share of bad auditions, but the producers seem to have remembered that this is a VOCAL competition, not a circus. And maybe it’s because they haven’t spent a decade sitting next to each other, but the judges actually LIKE each other.

There’s my two cents…anybody else have any change they want to share?


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