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Whew! Glee may be getting back on track…

I’ll admit, the first few episodes of Glee’s second season have been mediocre at best, exaggerated and ill-conceived at worst (laughing gas induced Britney Spears hallucinations anyone?). However, if tonight’s episode and the upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode are any indication, the show may finally be getting back to the music.

Tangled in a web of contrived teenage drama, the show seemed to have forgotten the road to nationals, leading many concerned fans to wonder what Ryan Murphy’s vision for this season is. Other than his quite obvious love for Lea Michele (a love that a good majority of the fan base doesn’t share), the first few episodes lacked a direction. However, with last nights duets theme, they seem to be wandering toward a purpose.

Here are a few things last night’s show offered up that bring a glimmer of hope for the rest of the season:

**While I was mad that Finn was such a jackass to Kurt about the new kid, I got to thinking about it and I actually enjoy the idea that the gay/straight issue on this show is not a black and white one.  Though we find ourselves rooting for the gay character, in this case, Kurt, as the underdog, it’s nice to see Kurt being treated also as a human being rather than a martyr. He’s not perfect and he can make mistakes, not because he is gay or straight but because he’s human – which is the most important message of all.

**Sam is a delightful edition to New Directions with the talent and adorability to

Chord Overstreet, Glee’s new character, Sam

counteract the ridiculousness of Santana and Brittney. He also speaks Na’vi, which is awesome on a whole ‘nother geeky level. I’m glad to see him sticking around, and while I was hoping for him to be Kurt’s boyfriend, I like his instant spark with Quinn. Here’s hoping Ryan doesn’t let Rachel’s overwhelming presence stifle a better storyline.

**Rachel has her moments where she remembers she is not a broadway machine, but an actual human being, which makes her a hundred times more likable and more interesting to boot. Her reaching out to Kurt was a brilliant bit of character writing and certainly unexpected.

Now, here are a couple of things still hanging out in limbo:

**What was that nonsense with Santana and Brittney at the beginning of the episode? I’m all about shock value, but it was so random and out of place. If they had any redeeming qualities what so ever, it might not be so random, but for right now, ew…

**I’m not adding fuel to the Mark Salling rumor mill because until we know the real story, there’s no need to. I’ll just say, it’s not the same without him and he needs to come back.

**The adults seem to have wandered away from their posts. Sue popping her head in for a snarky comment or two and Mr. Shue acting all teacher like for two seconds does not a storyline make. Will, Sue, Emma and Teri all need to have real storylines not involving their teenage cohorts.

Here’s hoping Rocky Horror delivers. You can preview the track list on iTunes. I’ll leave you with a preview. Have you brushed up on your Timewarp? 

Weekly Preview – 10/4/2010

So I’m not so good with the punctuality, hence, my very first preview being what you might call…late. So without further ado, let’s check out what’s happenin’ this week in the world of pop culture.

Monday – I like the way this season of House is progressing, so that’s definitely worth a watch. The must see of Monday night is still Hawaii Five-0. It’s just a delicious blend of snarky, sexy goodness.

New Release Tuesday – If you don’t own it already, or if you’re dazzled by an upgrade from platinum to diamond, buy Beauty and the Beast on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD starting tomorrow. You won’t be sorry because Robby Bensen is sexy (two words: Ice Castles) and because Belle is my hero.

Not a whole lot coming out tomorrow in the way of new music. If you’re an American Idol junkie, Archie aka David Archeleta has a new album coming out tomorrow. Oh, and it’s always Glee day on Tuesday so there’s that…if nothing else, check out Finn’s version of “Losing My Religion”.

Wednesday is my Euchre night so I’m not so much with the TV, but I do take time later on to watch Modern Family, which you should already be watching. Yes, that is the sound of me judging you for not watching.

Thursday – I’m still behind on Fringe, Hart Hanson has managed to write two episodes of Bones in which the characters do nothing but mill around each other and Grey’s Anatomy is lame. Okay, so that leaves…watching Private Practice because even though Grey’s has lost it, Shonda Rhimes is still a genius; watching Vampire Diaries because Nina Dobrev is impressively bipolar playing two characters on the same show and Ian Somerhalder is heartbreaking; and watching Nikita because it’s just good junk food tv.

Friday – Cas is back! This Friday’s episode marks the return of Castiel to the Supernatural scene. Apparently Heaven’s in turmoil and the apocalypse left a few loose ends behind when thwarted. Just watch it.

Saturday is officially Merlin day and there is at least one solid Gwen/Arthur moment in this week’s episode so I am all over it.

Sarah’s Weekly Preview – 9/12/10

First, I have to apologize for being absent lately. My excuse? I’ve been completely wrapped up in the sadly disappointing end of “As the World Turns,” and the couple I was watching for: Luke and Reid. Expect a rant dressed up as a column on that soon.Also, just as I sent Mel into the world of  “Merlin” and Camelot, she has trapped me in the back of Dean Winchester’s Impala. It’s so very comfy back there, I don’t plan on leaving soon.

So, finally, here is a preview to what to watch this week (this may seem like a repeat of my last preview, but never fear, next week will be better)!

Monday: Rizzoli & Isles. I can’t say enough about this show, it’s frickin’ awesome. God bless you TNT for airing this amazing show. And even if you don’t do femmeslash, the lesbian undertones in this show are barely undertones at all. I get why there’s so much slash fic for this show running around. Unfortunately the sneek peek from TNT won’t embed, so I can only give you the link:

Tuesday: The first half of the two-part season finale to “Warehouse 13” on SyFy airs this week! After a season of romance, insanity (literally) and body-swapping, it’s sure to be an amazing finale. They go to Egypt y’all, it’s bound to be epic. Also, the season finale of “Covert Affairs” on USA.

Wednesday: Because I don’t watch reality television, hump day is a dry television day, at least until “Criminal Minds” returns, and even then I’m not that psyched. So I plan on feverishly watching all the seasons of “Supernatural” so far so I can be ready for the sixth season. I suggest you use it to catch up on your favorite show too.

Thursday: The Vampire Diaries on The CW. I still consider myself somewhat a newbie when it comes to show, but I was very much impressed with the acting from all the lead characters last week. Nina Dobrev did amazing with the double-acting of Elena and Catherine, Paul Wesley seemed to realize he wasn’t the small screen’s Edward Cullen and went from broody to sinister and I loved it. Ian Somerhalder was, of course, brilliant and I’m really looking forward to see how the seaosn goes. After that there’s “Nikita,” which I also really enjoyed and didn’t expect to.

Mel already posted the preview for next week’s TVD, so here’s the promo for “Nikita”

The Weekend I leave up to you, gentle viewer, since there usually isn’t anything on except movies and sports. I plan on spending more time watching Sam brood behind his ever-growing bangs and Dean wolf down some more food.

See you next week when finally television returns!

Week in Review – 9/11/2010

The time is finally upon us, my little tv addicts, the fall season is finally upon us. Breathe it in, really enjoy the salty sweetness of time well wasted. Let’s begin shall we…

Josh Gorban - Illuminations drops November 2010

*Josh Groban‘s new album, Illuminations, drops in November. If you happen to stumble onto his website, you might just be able to download his new single, “Hidden Away”, for free. I’m just saying…

*Avatar in 3D IMAX = best 14.50 ever spent. The Deathly Hallows trailer in IMAX also worth the 14.50.

*Casting lesson #30,978: Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher are better in theory than in practice.

*After a long, impatient summer, Sons of Anarchy came back with a vengeance, quite literally. I am continually amazed at Kurt Sutter‘s genius way of balance raw human emotion with the violence of a life spent serving Samcro. I can’t handle week after week of this emo, numb Jax. Hopefully, his outburst in the final moments of the premiere will lead to less brooding and more doing.

*Vampire Diaries is back! Vampire Diaries is back! Did I mention Vampire Diaries is back? I don’t think I have ever said “oh my God” so many times during a television show before. Kevin Williamson is showing a Joss Whedon-esque lack of fear in his execution of this new season of TVD. Ruthless is the word that best describes the premiere. I love that Stefan remembered he was a vampire over the summer. And Damon continues to be heartbreaking as ever. The man just needs a hug and probably some kind of vampire valum. Someone has to love him best…The true winner of the night is Nina Dobrev who proved she was more than just a pretty face by channeling her inner sadistic bitch. Katherine is a force to be reckoned with and I imagine she shall be all season long if we’re lucky.

*Nikita is worth a watch. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before and it certainly isn’t going to blow anybody’s mind, but it has potential. And for a CW show, that’s really all you can ask for.

*The CW finally released a real trailer for the upcoming season of Supernatural, which I have watched approximately 3,219 times. Check it out below and watch the Season 6 premiere of SPN September 24.

*Jane Lynch made the best cameo ever as Sam’s crazy deadbeat mother on iCarly tonight. If there ever was a time to watch Nickelodeon, now would be that time.

*Why are Spencer and Heidi still news?

*Holy crap, Psych! If you haven’t seen the summer finale yet, I’ll just say this, DO NOT MISS THE LAST FIVE MINUTES! You were warned…

*Ditto for White Collar.

*Ditto for Drop Dead Diva – apparently this is the summer of the cliff hanger.

All right, back to my Merlin induced stupor. I should have known I’d get sucked into this show from the jump…Is that my goodnight’s sleep disappearing into Camelot?

And because I can – the new Glee Season 2 promo:

Review: Holy Crap, I liked Nikita

Nikita star Maggie Q

Ok, confession time, I only watched Nikita last night for Shane West. For shame, I know, but it’s the truth. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the pace and presentation of the show.

Nikita is the typical action storyline of a woman scorned. It’s Desperado with cell phones at its core. Similar in feel and in setup to Dollhouse, Nikita was pulled from a prison sentence by a secret government agency aptly named The Division to be a spy/hit man. When she up and falls for a civilian (to make Sarah happy, I’ll point out that Pyro from X-Men plays said civilian), they kill her lover and leave her a woman scorned…a very well trained, armed and dangerous woman scorned.

Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex

While the show centers around Nikita, the actual focus of the show isn’t so much on her person as her effect on the other characters on the show. Putting in an impressive primetime showing, ex-daytime TV star Lyndsy Fonseca plays Alex, a former Ukranian indentured servant who gets pulled out of prison and placed into a training camp with others like her…all attractive twenty somethings of course. Also, for those of you who might be fans of CSI’s Lady Heather, Melinda Clarke puts in a subtle but brilliant performance as the Etiquette teacher for The Division, showing all of the girls how to use every inch of their feminine wiles to complete their missions.

Shane West as Michael

My beloved Shane West turns out to be more complicated and considerably more interesting than we are at first led to believe toward the end of the episode. His character, Michael, is essentially a mission coordinator and recruiter for Division. Though he comes off as cold and calculating in the beginning, we soon find he has a surprising connection to Nikita that should make for interesting story telling in the weeks to come.

The show does dip into the predictable in a few rather obnoxious ways, like the clichéd and gratuitous shots of Nikita roaming around her secret hideout in her underwear and the need for all the spies to dress like Neo. The fact that Nikita is the least interesting character thus far could also be problematic considering the show is supposed to be about her. Hopefully, we will see a greater expression of her personality in the coming weeks.

Overall verdict: A promising start that will require further review. It’s hard to tell where their headed, but they’re off to a great start wherever they may be going from here. If nothing else, it’s nice to see a female dominated action show back on network TV.

Nikita airs Thursday nights at 9 pm EST on The CW.

Live blogging the Emmy’s with Mel

Trying to live blog the Emmy’s with my iPod…this will be interesting.

8:01 Betty White is epic.
8:03 oh, Hugo!
8:05 atta girl, Amber!
8:07 poor, Conan
8;11 think chris think chris
8:11 omg yay! Go Eric!
8:21 I’m sensing a pattern…
8:24 duh…it’s adorable how excited Matthew is for Jane. Jane Lynch is epic!
8:37 well, at least it wasn’t Alec Baldwin
8:49 wow, didn’t see a top chef win coming
9:01 well that was rude… You’re just a writer shut up…nice academy, very nice
9:09 omg love that dress, Emily deschanel!
9:13 WTF academy? This was sooo Michael c hall’s year! Jerks!
9:24 lol can you get an Emmy for hosting the emmy’s?
9:33 that was a good little speech, Kira. Short sweet and well read…
9:40 woot! Yay, tony’s!
9:52 yay, Jon. Poor Bill Maher.
10:07 love love love Julia ormond!
10:14 woah sparkles and holy blonde, Claire Danes.
10:18 RIP to all those amazing talents we lost this year.
10:27 she totally deserved it, but look a little surprised Claire.
10:38 stop yelling at the True Blood cast random girl on stage in a pretty dress.
10:40 seriously wrap it up, al
10:50 shocker, mad men won for best drama…I mean they never win…sigh
10:57 so didn’t think they would win but yay modern family!!!

Melissa’s Week in Review…a little early

I know the week doesn’t technically end until tomorrow, but I’m gonna have to jump the gun. It’s a long story involving a dead disc drive, a complaint letter and a quirky tech support dude named James, but I am sadly computer-less for a few days.

Barry Watson’s heartbreaking guest spot as a man using a clown costume to grieve the loss of his wife on Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva  reminded me why we need him back on a prime time show pronto. Why did they cancel Samantha Who again?

Tuesday’s episode of White Collar could quite possibly be my favorite yet with them shifting gears to a more Moz-centric episode. The foreshadowing could have been a little more subtle, but the end result more than made up for it. I loved some of the Burke/Mozzie exchanges – “Don’t think this is my only safe house…I call this one Tuesday?” Why? “Because I’m usually here on Wednesdays.” Pure genius.

Where did Liam James go? My favorite young Shawn has been replaced by a freckled, dull little boy without his sparkle and shine on this week’s episode of Psych. Please let the switch be temporary because he totally makes those Young Shawn and Gus vinettes.

I am loving/addict to The Band perry’s new song “If I Die Young.” Everyone should check that out on iTunes. Also, if you like Train, Pat and the boys did a killer cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella at their recent Unplugged session at Vh1. You can find it at here.

Check out the trailer for Robert Downey Jr’s new movie, Due Date here because it’s hilarious and he has to road trip with Zach Galifianakis – Trailer

I am lovin’ RuPaul’s Drag U on LOGO. It’s like a gayer, more interesting version of that show with Carson Kressley on Lifetime. I never thought I would write a sentence in which something would be gayer and more interesting than Carson…this is a monumental day.

All right, kittens, I’m off to rediscover my Emmy weekend/Supernatural induced stupor which you will probably find me in until my computer has returned.

Check out Sarah’s Weekly Preview Sunday and watch the Emmy’s!

“True Blood” is so not true!

Season 3 Cast

The Season 3 Cast of True Blood.

Oh my God, Alan Ball, are you basing this series on the same books I read? I think not. The fae do not believe that vampires wiped them out and Claudine lives life like a human, not Tinkerbell. And Russell Edgington wasn’t so sadistic and eventually becomes pretty low key later on. I don’t recall Eric locking Sookie up in his creepy dungeon either. The longer I watch this show, the more it pisses me off. If it weren’t for my love of Kristin Bauer and Alexander Skarsgård, I would have stopped watching after the first two episodes of this season.

Frickin’ Bill. I may not like Bill Compton, but at least in the books he’s less of a big whiny baby. And who is this horny tool of a brother they have of Sam’s? I love Sam Trammell and he does all he can to keep Sam afloat on the show, but his story lines are making less and less sense. What’s with all the crazy flashbacks? And don’t get me started on Crystal and the were-panthers. And where the hell did the werewolves go all of the sudden?

Let’s talk about what he’s doing right for a second. Keeping Lafayette alive, check. Jason being a well developed character with depth, check (How awesome was it when Jason uninvited Bill? Ah-mazing!). Tara being a more active character, check. Developing the Pam and Eric relationship, check. That’s not a very lengthy tally, now is it?

Charlaine Harris is a genius who spoon fed you brilliant plot points already, Mr. Ball. USE THEM! Make minor changes here and there, sure, but alter entire lines of mythology to suit your purpose? Uh, no, so not ok. Please stop. I appreciate the irony of a vampire show making my blood pressure rise, but the only hypertension I’m okay with is the kind caused by naked Alexander Skarsgård. Just stick with the books and all will be well.

Sigh…I’m sure I’ll be back next week to rinse and repeat. In the mean time, buy the books and tell me you don’t agree.

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