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‘Vampires Suck’ takes a bite out of ‘Twilight’

There are just some things that need to be mocked, and though I do on occasion enjoy the movies, the “Twilight” movie saga is definitely one of those. Thank goodness for “Vampires Suck.”

The movie, brought to the big screen by the brilliant (or demented, depending on your point of view) minds behind spoof flicks such as “Date Movie” and the “Scary Movie” franchise, pokes fun at all three movies as well as the books yet to be viewed on the silver screen. And, for the most part, the jokes were spot on and reminded me of thoughts I either kept to myself or comments made by other closet-Twilight fans.

Official poster for "Vampires Suck."

It is what you expect from a parody movie: not only does it make fun of the characters, writing and plots of the story its spoofing, but also takes jabs at just about everyone else. They made fun of everyone from the non-talent cast of “The Jersey Shore” to Fox News.  Some of the comedy borderline offensive or graphic, but it always brought it back just before tipping over the edge.

The only problem with the movie is that while it did prove for about 90 minutes of pure fluff, this lead to the characters being one-note and forgettable (not unlike some of the actual characters).  This should not take any creditability out of the fact that the best of the cast was Jenn Proske as Becca Crane. She managed to copy Kristen Stewart’s blinky, nervous and plain annoying fumbling portrayal of Bella Swan to near perfection. In fact, I found myself started to feel the same annoyance I do whenever Stewart graces the screen in the “Twilight” movies until I reminded myself her imitation was in itself a parody of Stewart’s and therefore made it that much more brilliant.

I was also glad to see former Disney sidekick, Anneliese van der Pol branching away from the mouse ears. She was most well known as the airhead best friend on “That’s So Raven” and closed “Beauty and the Beast “on Broadway as Belle. She was always more talented than her “Raven” co-stars so I was happy to see her in something that showed her comedic timing in another light.

While this film was simple: what you saw is what you got: it didn’t try to be anything else and that made it fun. Unless you need an instant fix from the drama or boredom in your life, it is necessary to see the move in theaters. It will be as funny 90 feet tall as it would be on your television set in your living room.

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